In 2 Years, We've Helped Thousands Grow Thriving Businesses

Here's our happy tribe!


Doubled my business

“I’ve subscribed to a lot of resources while trying to grow my business, but if I could only choose one it’d be Think Creative Collective. Abagail and Emylee seem to read my mind, teaching me the exact strategies I didn’t even know I needed in the perfect way for me to actually learn them.

I've really focused on what was working in my business. And as a result I hit $250k in revenue, which is double the year before.”


- Jordan Ellis, Jordandené


Think Creative Collective has been a LIFE CHANGER! Not exaggerating even a little bit. Being enrolled in the courses has shifted my mindset to embrace the biz badass that I am, and being connected to the TCC Tribe is like having a million biz besties who get me, and are so freakin’ generous with their time and advice 24/7. Think Creative Collective is THE best thing since stuffed crust pizza y’all.

- Molly O'Riley, Darling Rage Creations

Amanda Woodruff


"I really started to take a hugely critical look at the health of my business and the areas in which I could improve. I started looking at the hard numbers, gauging growth, and started to feel more confident as a business owner.

I feel like now I can go forward with more solid, actionable plans for the future and to grow a real, sustainable business."

- Amanda Woodruff, Leighwood Paperie

Grace Whitehouse

Pure Generosity

“I'm standing in my kitchen with tears in my eyes. It is women like you that inspire me to do great business & the kindness and generosity you show is beyond words.

I can't wait to show you what I can achieve with your amazing resources, support, and knowledge.”

- Grace Whitehouse, My Creative Grace

Abagail and Emylee’s methods have helped me figure out what to do next, once I had got clear about what I wanted (the Why behind the Why). I have a roadmap for getting not only from A to Z, but from A to B.
And boy has it worked!

My business has grown 380% in one year and my repeat customer rate is up over 150%.

- Veronica Guzzardi, Sharptooth Snail Art Goodies

Unwavering support

“The ladies of TCC, their resources, their courses, and their unwavering support and encouragement have been absolutely invaluable to the growth and development of my business but also to me personally!”

- Hilary Alberta, Sherbert Shop

I have heard over and over that in order to grow you need to invest in some kind of coaching or guidance. I have just never found the right person (people) until now. I believe that y’all will give me the perfect road map to excel at my business and will give it your all to ensure it. I’m so ready for this! I’m marking this as a huge turning point in my business and life!

- Nikol Murphy, Juice Plus+


“I only found TCC two months ago and the mindset shifts and time management practices I've put in place since joining a couple programs are mind blowing!”

- Whitney Shindelar, Undiscovered Sunsets


I’ve never been inspired to act quite like Abagail and Emylee have inspired me. I’m typically very unfocused and tired. I have big dreams and big goals but I keep putting off all sorts of things that I know I need to do. They seem so hard. But the way you guys break it down makes it seem not only manageable but something I seriously wake up early to do. Like 5am early! Thank you for all you put out there. I’m really looking forward to the Strategy Academy!

- Bobby Benski, Cosette Nicole Skincare

Erin Shebish

Swift kick in the pants

"I am a chronic sparkly squirrel chaser!
💯 I need accountability and focus.

Just going through the how to videos have helped me know how and what to put first and get it the heck launched. Looking forward to getting a swift kick in the pants with this course.

I also feel like Abagail and Emylee are totally engaged and listening. I haven't finished a few courses I've purchased in the past. But mainly because I felt disengaged with the course creator. Totally not the case with the Strategy Academy! ✨✨✨"

- Gina Leighann Thresher, From the Ground Up Floral

Laine Napoli

Zero doubts

"I am a baby entrepreneur over here literally just now starting my business. While some people might thing it is fiscally irresponsible for me to invest so much before I have any idea how much income I will have, I know it is the smartest thing I can do.

The program hasn't even officially begun, and I am already loving it. From a small tribe of women cheering each other on, killer bonuses that I've already begun implementing in my business, to incredible (oftentimes almost immediate) access to Abagail and Emylee, I have ZERO doubts in my investment."

- Sarah Grace Aschkenas, Thrive Rescue



“In less than 30 days I launched my biz and made my first $1k.”

- Chloe Lamplugh, Creative Chloe

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 2.05.04 PM.png
It wasn’t until the start of this year that my mindset started to change and I sought support in the “biz” area with you all. I started realizing I was worth investing in. I discovered it was okay not to follow all the rules and to find my own way of doing things. I feel I have a new lease on life in a way. I am for the first time thinking clearly. I am excited to see how this new mindset will play out.

I just want to say I am so thankful for all of you. You all helped me realize just how great I can be by loving myself and taking time to do things the right way, the healthy way, and the “me” way.

- Ashley Taylor, AM Taylor Art


For All Things Entrepreneur

“Abagail and Emylee are the go to ladies for all things entrepreneur! Anything they put out is gold and I'm happy to give them all my money, it's totally worth it!”

- Keeshaun Derima, Keeshaun Michele


Erin Shebish


"Out of the 6+ years I've worked online, TCC's programs have been the most helpful and in depth of any that I've joined. The fact that I doubled my investment from the last program within a matter of days confirms that. 

They know business in such a strong and authentic way and know how to create strategies for growth that aren't just effective but so fun as well. "

- Erin Shebish, Life Coach

Laine Napoli

Amazing Results

"Abagail and Emylee are two fierce and fabulous women whose hearts are on FIRE.

Their passion, experience, knowledge, and strategic approach in business produces amazing results! So ecstatic that I found them and Think Creative Collective."

- Laine Napoli, Branding Addicts

Melinda Isaacs

Change your life + business forever

“Need something that will change your life + business forever? Think Creative Collective is just what you need! Never in my life have I ever been so proud to be a part of a community. Their courses are jam-packed with knowledge and crazy actionable. It will blow your mind. They've helped me rock my business in soooo many ways!”

- Melinda Isaacs, Melinda Isaacs Studio

I’m already loving the bonuses from the Strategy Academy. So happy I’ve jumped in. I’m certain this will be the best investment I have made for my business and my family!

- Kelly Whitaker

Let's get this dream on the road...

“WHAM!! - bananas began falling from the sky and flashes of 'red' everywhere I listened. Something came alive in me!

I began to see the 'dream' falling into place.

Seriously though... if I show up wearing bright red lipstick (I am a 55 year old - total no makeup my whole life plain jane non-fashionist!!)... I am going to say that you guys laced the coolaid with mind altering substances because I feel ON FIRE!!

I have no idea where all this is leading but its going somewhere and I am staying on this train to find out!”

- Karen Rabin